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Planet Unicorn Heeyyyyyyy.

Last week featured a whole bunch of unrelated events that collided happily with each other and made me happy.

Saturday was Medicine Wheel, the annual observance of World AIDS Day. YaYaMoon and David and their delightful boy came up from New York, along with Andrew (sorry everyone, running out of nicknames) and we were all there with Cracklaugh. This year's ritual was walking to South Boston to draw water from the harbor and bring it back. Oh, man, was it cold out! I was surprised that nearly all the participants were high school students - maybe doing community service hours? I don't know. The installation was very good as always. It's hard to describe why this is all so special. Maybe Crackie will do a better job.

On Monday, Bill Clinton came to our campus and gave a kick-ass speech about public service, connecting sustainable economies with narrowing the equality gap and all of it to the "post-carbon era" and you know that is like erotica to me, especially when delivered by such a rock star. He was just so SMART and concrete and connected the dots in such a sane, compassionate manner, without a trace of the belligerence and swagger that characterizes you-know-who. When he took the stage, I screamed to my boss, "No more term limits!" The girl behind me was in hysterics and crying. We were all fools for him.

Then that night I went to a beautiful dinner at the Ritz, which is now called the Taj, in honor of an exhibition of Indian art that my colleague put together.

Tuesday the urban youth made me crazy, and their classes were all derailed, and okay, so we did not have the best day possible, but it's just one day. It's a opportunity for them to learn and for me to chill the hell out.

This week too I've been reading grant applications and next week I get to give away $12,000 to students and faculty for their spring arts projects. Should the garden of underwear (new and used) be funded? Not sure yet. They claim it's a peace-building initiative...

Wednesday: planning committee meeting, which I chair, and which exhausts me. But it went well. I just feel like I'm flying a 747. And that night I indulged as always in ANTM and Gossip Girl. Porny!

Thursday: bam, bam, bam. My class met for the last time. It was a total love fest. I'm teaching it again in the spring. In the evening was our annual Handel's Messiah concert and community sing. Lovely. A fab fancy dinner out and then a student production of Cabaret, which did not entirely suck.

Friday: holiday brunch, a meeting with my new Slovakian friend, a lot of chats about grants, left early to go home and vacuum and cook, as I had the Greyhound and two friends over for dinner and Jenga. Sooo much fun.

Today I finished my Christmas shopping with some little earrings for Secunda and Jenga game for the fam. BuniStG is coming over in a while for some vin, I hope.

And lest you think this is all to show you how awesome I am, it's really not! I am just grateful, and not always the bitter fender-offer of multigenerational remarks about my diet and marital status.

8:28 p.m. - 2007-12-08


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